I am so happy because you are my sponsor. I am so happy because in the absent of my parents, you are helping me.
— Godgift Jesses, Child at Mother Blessing's Home

What does the sponsorship money pay for?

      *The money pays for the child's tuition costs, medical expenses, and food for the year. For a more detailed breakdown, feel free to contact us and we'd love to answer your questions!

Are there any hidden costs?

       *No. We will not require a sponsor to pay more than originally asked. However, whenever trips to Liberia are made by the team, you will have the opportunity to buy your child a gift, send pictures, or write a letter (for the purpose of treating all the children equally, sponsors are all asked to provide basically the same thing). Though most sponsors are happy to do this, it is not mandatory (but due to the relational dimension of the program, it is strongly encouraged). 

Do I have to share the religious beliefs of Standing Side by Side? 

      *In short, no. Although we are openly Christian, you do not have to be one to sponsor. However, we do ask that you be understanding to our goals. Ultimately, we want to impact the children's lives with the message of the Bible. Providing physically for the children is a means to this end. We do care for the children and their physical needs, but we believe that there is a greater, spiritual need that must be met, and we believe that when this need is met, they will be provided for not only in this life, but also in eternity.

Will I get to communicate with my child?

      *Yes. In fact, this is strongly encouraged. We wish to emphasize here the personal nature of the sponsorship.  We want our sponsors to build a relationship with this child, as we believe this is the most effective means of impacting a child's life with the good news of Jesus.

How permanent must my commitment be?

      *The children at Mother Blessings consider their sponsors to be their parents and will often refer to them as "Mom" and "Dad". Though they know the reality, they pray for their sponsors daily, learn the names of their children, etc. For the health of the child, we encourage sponsors to continue sponsoring the same child. However we understand that financial situations arise or other difficulties can surface. (The children are also understanding of this). If you are unsure about the commitment, feel free to give a one time donation towards a child of any amount! (Just be sure to let us know you don't wish to be a permanent sponsor). 

Thank you for sponsoring a child! You are providing them with education, food and medical supplies. 


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