Standing Side by Side is privileged to partner with several organizations in caring for the Liberian people. We believe these partnerships help us expand our outreach to many more people than if we were trying to do it all by ourselves.

I was blown away by the smiling faces and the beautiful people of Liberia. After so many years of war and struggle you can feel the want to get along and put the past behind them. I was amazed at the strength of the children I met during our stay there. You have no choice but to be strong and overcome constant challenges that present themselves. In Liberia just to have a well within walking distance is a blessing. The people are thankful for the simple life they live.
— Aamion Goodwin, 'Waves for Water' trip in 2014 - Professional Surfer - 'Given' The Movie
I met Molly Koon, a legend, in 2014, with Waves for Water. She runs a children’s home in Mount Barclay, a rural community in Liberia. The water from the wells on their compound are not clean. We were able to distribute clean water filters so they can enjoy their water, illness free. It was such a humbling experience to witness the kids faces when they were able to drink safe water just steps away from their home.
— Sam Talbot, Owner of 'Pretty Southern' in Brooklyn, NY - Author of '100% Real' - Top Chef
It was an inspiration and a joy visiting Mother Blessings Orphanage last summer. We were able to interact with and get to know the children, and to see firsthand how well the staff cares for and looks after them. Although the orphanage faces many obstacles, it is clear that the children are growing up in a positive, loving and character-building atmosphere. Music for Liberia is proud to partner with Standing Side by Side to support the children and staff of Mother Blessings. Their organization’s passion for and proactiveness on behalf of the children is truly inspiring, and we greatly look forward to working with them.
— Kamilla Arku, Founder of Music for Liberia

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