Over the last 5 years we have noticed a trend. Families were placing their children in orphanage homes because they couldn't afford to put them in school or feed them. They are forced, by lack of opportunities, to give their child up to be raised by someone else. Family roots will be providing opportunities for families in the community; skills labs, education for their children, and biblical studies. Here are two families stories. 

Youngor grew up at Mother Blessing's Home with her mother and family living only 100 yards away. Due to her mother's various illnesses, she was never able to work and couldn't supply the funds for Youngor to go to school. Through our family roots program she has graduated with a bachelor's degree in engineering and is working for a solar power company. Through her education, she  is now able to take care of her son, Hartleib, and her mother. 

Jeremiah has lived at Mother Blessing's Home for most of his life. When we took a deeper look into his situation, we met his mother, Alice. A godly woman who works hard as an ABC teacher. She makes enough to pay for rent, and buy very small amounts of food. She also sells coal on the side, but only profits 10LD per bag. (equivalent to .10US) This puts a huge strain on her ability to be Jeremiah's provider. Through Family Roots Jeremiah has been able to finish out his senior year of high school - as president - with no need to worry about how he will get to his next class.